Would you like to have a dog?

We are beautiful,
easy and nice dogs!
Even if we are sport dogs,
we love living inside the house.
And especially on the sofa.

So, ask!
There may be good dogs
available for good people.

Five year old female ”Lipsu”
Beautiful black dog with blue eyes


Lipsu, born 7.8.2013 (5 years, picture above), pedigree

Phenotype: Lipsu is medium size female ”eurohound”, weight 23 kg and height 57 cm. She has balanced, light structure, good speed and proved endurance capacity up to Sp8. Her work motivation is good and she is suitable for sprint. Lipsu has been my leader dog and the teacher of young dogs. She is suitable also for canicross and other off-snow races and/or for a junior athlete. She keeps good contact to the owner when running free. Her feed intake and efficiency are good. Her temperament is calm and social among dogs and people and she likes especially children. She has short guard hair that is easy keep clean. She is comfortable in outside kennel if the dog box is insulated and/or has radiator, but she adapts easily indoors too. 

Dam: Raitanen, whose breeder is Ari Laitinen. Raitanen has been my Sp6 and Sp8 class leader and her best result is WC bronze medal in Sp6 class sprint in 2011. Further, she has several Finnish championship medals in Sp6 and Sp8 class sprint.  Raitanen is 24 kg Alaskanhusky (1/4 Attla-line dog). Her father is famous open class leader dog Rusty (Egil Ellis) and her mother was open class leader Chris (Ari Laitinen). Chris is full sister of Rudi Robert’s leader and breeding male Diatz (A.Laitinen). Offspring of Raitanen have won i.a. WC silver (2015) and gold in European (2015), Scandinavian (2016)and Finnish championships (2015) in Sp6 class.

Sire: Akiina’s Larry alias ”Leevi”, whose breeder was Kimmo Hytönen and owner Saara Loukkola. Leevi was 32 kg German short hair pointer. Results of Leevi as ski-dog: WC gold and silver, 2 x EC gold and 2 x SOC gold in nordic style (in junior class below 20 years of age). In adult’s class Saara won with Leevi SOC silver, 3 x FC gold, 4 x FC silver and 2 x FC bronze in nordic style. They also had FC gold, silver and bronze in DS2. 

Best own results: National level races

Results of sisters: Two times Finnish champions and silver medallists in DR4, FC bronze in Sp8.
Pictures of L-litter are in my facebook album.

Health results: Lipsu has spondylosis between vertebrae L5/L6. No allergies. Vaccinations and dog passport are valid. She is in full training with the team.

Prize: 700 euros or offer 

Updated 24.4.2018